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Autodesk Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions for building projects provide accurate, accessible and actionable insight across the building lifecycle for all project stakeholders. Autodesk’s BIM solutions for building design can help you to:

  • Improve project understanding and decision making

  • Share and use the same consistent data across the project lifecycle

  • Respond quickly to change with processes that are smarter and faster

AutodeskĀ® Building Design Suite is a comprehensive portfolio of building solutions supporting both BIM- and CAD-based workflows, giving architects, engineers and contractors the ability to design, simulate, visualize and construct better buildings. The Standard edition is tailored for building designers, drafters, and detailers who need a foundational set of documentation tools. The Premium edition provides an optimized set of tools to help architects, MEP engineers, and structural engineers take advantage of the power of BIM with intelligent 3D modelā€“based design. The Ultimate edition builds on the value of the Premium edition, with additional comprehensive tools for design and construction that provide greater insight across the building lifecycle.


Why choose Autodesk BIM solutions?

  • Advanced technology for design, visualization, simulation, and coordination

  • Comprehensive workflow solutions with interoperability to help maintain data fidelity and support greater efficiency

  • Business agility made possible with desktop, cloud, web, and mobile platforms along with cost-effective packaging to meet changing project needs.

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BIM, Architecture, Construction and Building Products with Autodesk and Envisage

At Autodesk, we provide the tools and technology you need to bring design ideas to life. From industry-leading design and drafting software to the Revit platform for building information modelling (BIM), Autodesk provides a robust set of architecture software solutions that help you improve productivity, deliver innovative design ideas and manage change throughout the project lifecycle.


With Autodesk integrated design creation and building information modelling (BIM) tools, building professionals can optimise resources, control costs and minimise the risk of errors.

Building Products

No industry is without its build blocks especially the Architecture and Construction industries. Innovative building products are heart of modern architecture and construction. This is where the Autodesk range of products can excel by integrating accurate design information into the development process. This integration ensure quality of the build at an early stage ensuring everything fits together to form the desired objective.

Case Studies

Brick Fabrications - A leading manufacturer of brick related prefabricated products, such as brick arches and chimneys, for the UK house building industry. The customer base is ‘blue chip’ being all of the major house builders as well as regional builders.

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Catnic - Envisage implemented an office based input system for the automated design and manufacture of the Catnic range of lintels. Written in VB & AutoLisp, the system uses Autocad to produce customer drawings and engineering developments for manufacture. Reducing costs and providing a higher quality for the customer.

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SAS International - currently in the midst of huge change. A small team from across the company have been developing an Automated Drawing System for over a year in conjunction with Bridgend based company Envisage UK Ltd.

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