Celtic Vacuum - Case Study

The Customer Challenge:

Celtic Vacuum from Tenby, UK, designs manufactures and builds vacuum tankers and pumping equipment for national and international markets. It also designs, manufactures and installs water and waste water plants and equipment. Celtic Vacuum was looking for a new 3D CAD system that not only helped them design better quality products but also better supported their sales and marketing efforts.

After careful evaluation Celtic Vacuum chose Autodesk Inventor. One of the reasons was the seamless translation from AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D.

As a result of using the collision detection capabilities of Inventor, the quality of both the design and finished products has improved. Celtic Vacuum also enjoys the benefits of using 3D rendered images and models for sales and marketing.
The image shows Celtic Vacuum’s latest and most advanced hyper vacuum tanker.

Overall Results:

“I have used many other packages in the past including Pro/E, SolidWorks, and Mechanical Desktop, plus many more. In the evaluation it was Inventor’s ease-of-use that was a decisive factor.”
Simon Bradford, Design Engineer, Celtic Vacuum Environmental Solutions, Tenby, UK


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