Automotive and transport engineering development
   - using Autodesk and Envisage

Automotive OEM

With the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, it’s easier for automotive manufacturers to innovate designs—and get products to market faster. Using the solution’s integrated tools to develop a single digital prototype, manufacturers can simplify the design-to-manufacturing process and optimise designs that appeal to consumer tastes and reflect their brand image.

Automotive Supplier

With the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, automotive suppliers can collaborate closely with customers and partners to design, model, test and market products that meet their needs—before building them. The solution addresses all phases of the automotive development cycle and makes it easier to stay competitive in an increasingly intense global marketplace.

Commercial & Recreational Transportation

Autodesk provides transportation manufacturers with the tools to concept, model and test designs before they are ever built. By bringing together design data from all phases of development into a single digital model, companies can create more innovative designs, speed new products to market and comply with customer and regulatory requirements.

Case Studies

Celtic Vacuum - Celtic Vacuum from Tenby, UK, designs manufactures and builds vacuum tankers and pumping equipment for national and international markets.
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image of 3D CAD model of engine interior


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