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Have you ever crossed the river Severn with its massive 14.5m tidal range and notorious currents? The second seven bridge, leaves England to enter Wales the land of song, castles and mythical dragons. Next time you have the opportunity, consider this, how do they service the underside of the bridge? The designers of the bridge built a mono-rail under the bridge to undertake the service work.


When the Seven bridge company required new rail cars to take more men and more materials to carry out the servicing work quicker, they called on Autodesk Inventor user and access specialist TBDUK, with a full order book and no capacity in their design office TBDUK contacted Envisage to ask if they knew and could recommend a contract design team. Envisage recommended Mecelec Design of Gloucester.


TBDUK commissioned Mecelec to design the new rail cars (Steve Hacker Managing Director of Mecelec was even trained to abseil off the bridge so they could undertake a survey and check critical dimensions!). With both companies using Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Design Review the contract was completed on time with no problems.


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