iTools is available FREE to customers of Envisage UK Ltd
Single perpetual Licences of iTools are available at £120 + VAT

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Version 4.6

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iTools for Inventor contains ALL of the following apps:

"AutoPDF" for Inventor



Automatically print Inventor drawing to 2D PDF on save.


iDraw for Inventor



Automatically create annotated 2D drawings from selected/all parts in an assembly. Views are auto-scaled to the sheet & contain automated centrelines and dimensions.



IDraw Screen View

Tubeit for Inventor



Create 3D models of pipes/tubes from multiple 2D or 3D sketches. Sketches can contain multiple paths. Ideal tool for heat exchanger design.


Randomize Screen

iBOM for Inventor



Push item numbers from the BOM through to custom properties in the parts (ITEM#). Another tool is then used to balloon individual parts on the drawings with this ITEM number.


iBOM for Inventor sample

Randomize for Inventor



Randomly override the appearances/colours of parts in an assembly or of bodies in a part.


Randomize Screen

“Remove Adaptivity” for Inventor



Stabilise your assembly by removing ALL Component Adaptivity & then Ground the Occurrences.


Remove Adaptivity Screen View

Export 3D PDF from Inventor



This add-in will create a 3D PDF file from an Inventor part or assembly


I Numbers screen grab ???export to    I Numbers screen grab

I Numbers screen grab

iViews for Inventor



When an Inventor model contains configurators such as iLogic, the drawing view scales normally have to be altered such that the updated model views fit the drawing border correctly. This app allows the user to create ‘viewports’ for drawing views to fit inside, such that when a model alters, that view will auto-scale to within the viewport. Viewports can be created on Base views, Isometric views and detail scale views.

I View screen grab

3D Pipe for Inventor



This was originally written for brake pipe design for the automotive industry. It allows the designer to create a pipe run from point and bend data (in relation to "car line")

3D Pipe screen grab

STL Import for Inventor



Import ASCII or BINARY Stereolithography (STL) files into Inventor.

STL import screen grab

Gridlines for Inventor



Create structural steel gridlines for Inventor

Gridline for Inventor screee shot

OLE Surfer for Inventor



Surf OLE/3rd party linked files in parts and drawings & delete if required. Useful for removing “sick” linked files such as old company logo images.


iSert for Inventor



Insert multiple instances of a fastener to holes of the same size

Isert screen grab

iFrame for Inventor



Automatically number the frame members in an Inventor Frame Generator model.

iFrame screen grab

iNumber is currently only available to customers of Envisage UK Ltd

iNumber for Inventor - Customer download here

iNumber Scheme Editor - Customer download here

iNumber for Inventor



Automatic file naming for Inventor.
Works with Save/Saveas/Save Copy as, Design accelerators, Assembly mirror, Multi-body parts, Copy component, iLogic place component, Shrinkwrap, Tube & Pipe.
Also support for Frame Generator.
Automatic file name can include date and/or current project.


“Thanks again for a copy of your iNumber plug-in. I must say it’s a very handy tool and I’ve used it now a few times on new projects and it does everything it promised to do. The best bit I like out of it, is the frame generator and bolted items. Really great how it takes care of the part numbering, automatically, that’s the best part of it. Great work.”

Peter Verhagen
Project and Design Engineer

I Numbers screen grab

Available to Customers on request

iSave for Inventor

Autodesk Inventor Auto-save

Extra thread tables for inventor

Metric threads are set as default. Extra threads are: BA,BSW,BSF & PG

RAL & Pantone Colours for Inventor

RAL & Pantone Appearances for Inventor

Punch Tools

A range of Metric Punch Tools

Contact for further information on these Apps.